walahi talahi! I will hold Muntaka responsible if anything happens in Asawasi- Ali Suraj



Unresolved dispute over a 19.64 acres of land located at Boubai, a community within the Asawase Constituency of Ashanti region has escalated as a former United States NPP organizer  Ali Suraj has join the wagon of protestors.

The ardent member of the elephant party (NPP) on Friday hurled a strongly worded statement against the sitting Member of Parliament Hon Muntaka Mubarak over his blatant delay as in settling the long standing litigation which started way back 2011.

He has sworn heaven and earth to hold the Member of Parliament responsible should any combat explode within the constituency over the ownership of the expansive tract of land which the MP claims belongs to the state.

Highly peeved Ali Suraj at a press briefing said he is giving  MP Hon Muntaka Mubarak a 5-day grace period (staring from coming Monday 17th August  to Friday 21th August 2020) to come out with measures to address the issue or stay away from the land. “if nothing is done, I will hold him responsible for anything that happens in Asawase”, he vowed.


Addressing the media, Mr. Ali Suraj challenged Hon Muntakar to attach urgency to the case by putting the matter before the house of parliament for the necessary investigation vis-à-vis who truly owns the land.

Barely few days ago, some aggrieved individuals who claim they own some portions of the said land which they purchased from the Chief of Kenyase protested against the member of parliament.

They accused the MP of using his position to strip them off their ownership rights  even though they have genuine documents.

According to Mr. Ibrahim , the leader of the concerned Boubai land owners, Hon Muntakar Mubarak is inciting some individuals to snatch their properties which they have legally acquired.  “We are ready to face Hon. Muntaka Mubarak to protect our properties at all cost “, he warned at a press briefing.









which resulted into the demolition of several properties which were then built on the said tract of the land under the orders of the MP.  The demolision was premised on the reason given by the MP that the said land is state property earmarked for a government project.





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