Walahi ! I never told Mahama to concede defeat – Hassan Ayariga

Dr. Hassan-Ayariga Writes ;

Good morning fellow citizens,

I have read on social media comments and some other platforms that some Ghanaians are saying and commenting that I, Hassan Ayariga advised Former President Mahama to concede defeat.
I organised a meeting with other Flag bearers to appeal to Ghanaians to promote peace and not to ask any one to concede defeat. It is not in my interest to tell anyone to accept defeat, but in my interest to appeal for peace and promote peace.
I did it in 2012 in the election petition and am doing it again in 2020. Certainly, am not a member of NDC nor NPP but a leader of APC. I am a sincere Ghanaian who stand for peace. I challenge Anyone to prove me wrong.

Thank you.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga
APC Founder/Leader

Evidence of our press Conference is below:

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