Wake up guys…she is in love but can’t say it. Here are the signs



Wake up guys…she is in love but can’t say it. Here are the signs

The way of an eagle is in the sky, the way of a snake is on a rock, the way of a ship is on sea, and the way of a man is with a woman.

Eagle flies very high in the sky, snakes crawl very fast on rocks, ships sail gently on the ocean and people fall in love beautifully with one another.

Truly the world has gone through great changes which have affected human believe and ways of thinking, but not a woman feeling towards a man.

It is still rare in this era of change for women to openly show their feelings or propose to the guys.


In modern day English, crushing on someone is to have a feeling of love or like for the person.

It is also relevant to note that not all strong feelings towards a person are romantic; some may be for a mere friendship.

Normally your crush may be a stranger, your classmate, schoolmate, a co-worker, your neighbor, etc.

In most cases, the main cause of crush is admiration and attraction.

Every woman has some qualities she will like to see in a guy and that gets her attracted to that guy. Some of these qualities may include a handsome face or nice looking, intelligent, kindness, gentleness, height, fitness, generosity, confidence, popularity and many others.

In other words, when the lady sees a guy who demonstrates some of these qualities, she is most likely to develop a crush or falls in for him. So guys, shine up.

In this article, we shall consider some few signs and hints that show a lady has a crush on you.

1. Your eyes make me shy

When she is around you, she may appear shy. In your presence, she may not be able to look into your eyes even when talking with you. Don’t worry…she is only expressing her feels to you.

Oh…this guy is so funny!

Your crush finds every word coming from you very funny. Watch it if she is always smiling or laughing as you speak with her. She will be creating an impression as if you are funny even when you are not.

Your smiles…your laugh, I could stare at you forever

When she is around you, your crush will steal stare at you more often. She couldn’t take her eyes off you. Don’t get irritated; these are very clean hints to consider. She likes you.

That feeling in my stomach when talking to you

If a lady make herself always available to you, and can talk with you for a long time, that’s one good sign she is crushing on you. After all she wouldn’t be anywhere around you if you mean nothing to her. A lady can walk away from anybody she knew but can’t walk away from her crush easily.

Where is her phone? She wouldn’t want anything to disrupt her time with you, not even her mobile phone. Do be worried if her phone is on silence or she ignores her calls in your presence. She just wants to give you a full attention.

Much time Online

Another very clear signal your crush will send to you, will come through online chats. Take note of the type of emojis she sends to you. The types of videos and inspirational quotes she shares with you. The amount of time she spends with you online is a good enough sign to wake you up. She may be calling, sending you text messages or whatsapp messages very often. And when you start receive quotes like “your smile is the cutes thing I’ve ever seen”. Your scholarship is approved man.

I’m Jealousy of other ladies who come close to you

Your crush can’t afford to see other ladies close to you…and that’s call jealousy. If you start noticing these signs of jealousy from her any time other ladies come near you, please do things right, she likes you.

Search warrant

A real crush will always want to find you where you used to be. She may hide somehow and search for you in the crowd or among the people you usually mingle with, and after seeing you, she is just ok.

Hug advances

Your crush may always want to give you a hug, and that is another sign you are the winner. Hugs come in many forms but a hug is a hug. Whichever types of hug she gives you, that is a scholarship.

Some few touches

A bold lady may give a signal of love or like, by touching you, or placing her hand around your shoulder. Hey, that could be a clear opportunity if she loves holding your dress too.

Your like is her like

Some ladies admiring you may like things you like to do. Things like…your type of sports, your music or even your type of pets. She may even want to share those things with you or wish to learn them from you.

Telling her friends

A lady in love will surely blow the good news to her friends. Another good sign there, if she loves saying some few good things about you to her friends

The Coca cola shape

Ladies are very particular about their dressing and body shape. Some crushes may draw your attention to their dressing and body shape either in your presence or as they move around you. Take note of that.

Don’t be bored with her questions.

She may ask you a lot of questions. Cheer up. She likes you and will like to know more about you.

Before you asked her out…

This may be another good sign she like you. Before you asked her out…she’s already accepted. Your secret admirer will always want to be with you or around you. She will accept any outing invitation from you. That is a clear way to go…man, you hit the jackpot.

My guys…the ball is in your court, make a very good use of it…and a wise move if you detect any sign from her, else you break the pot right at the river side.

Your crush may be a shy type and so be careful when making the advances.

If you detect any sign from a lady? You may like to share that experience with us.

Good luck in your love adventure.

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