Wahala!!! 2 Billion Bribery Scandal…Bawumia’s Loyalist Spills Bean



Founder and National Chairman for Movement For Bawumia For President 2024 (BAWUS) has spilled the bean on how two rivals of Bawumia attempted bribing him with 2 Billion old Ghana Cedis and a brand new pick-up vehicle to defy his allegiance for the Vice President.

Mr. Boateng Duncan told www.leakynews.net exclusively that three months ago, he was in Kumasi when he received a call from an unknown number.

He narrated that responding the call to ascertain who the person was and his mission, a male’s voice pulled up, requesting that he and his General Secretary Benard Agyeman a.k a “Prof” meet him in Accra for a confidential dialogue.

“I thought it was the usual call from one of the campaign executives of Dr. Bawumia”.


Mr. Boateng Duncan said in his narration that the caller told them to meet him the next day at Ablekuma market.

Arriving at the venue with his General Secretary as scheduled, “we called the caller and informed him of our arrival”.

He said that few minutes after the call, they sighted two black V8 vehicles fast approaching them.

Stopping at where they were, he said that the driver of one of the vehicles identified himself as the caller.

“They told us to enter the vehicle, which we did and they took us to a place in Accra called “Afrikiko”.

Engaging us in a dialogue, they men commended us for the good work we are doing for Dr. Bawumia and told us that they are rivals of Dr. Bawumia.

“However the men told us point blank to abrogate our support for Dr. Bawumia, join the Alan team and work for the latter for the Presidency.”

According to Mr. Boateng Duncan, the men presented a physical cash of 2 Billion old Ghana Cedis and a brand new pick-up vehicle each as an offer should they denounce their loyalty to Dr. Bawumia.

“Since you worked for Bawumia have you received any gift of this nature from him? They questioned us and we answered no”

He said that after a careful deliberation with his General Secretary, they rejected the offer.

“We told ourselves that considering how we have served Dr. Bawumia and how far we have gone in our service and allegiance, any attempt to denounce our loyalty to him will be the end of our relationship with the Vice President”.

“We craftily told the two men that we will come over the next two days for the package which we didn’t. They even decided to give us a transport fee of GH 10,000 for me and GHs 5,000 for my General Secretary but we rejected the money”, he indicated.

Mr. Boateng Duncan disclosed the above after news came up that he has been tipped for an international award as a loyal politician in Wales-UK.

The award will be given to him by a UK based organization called Loyalist Consortium Awards for displaying a high sense of loyalty in his political career.


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