Use a tea bag and you will never see mice or spiders in your home again



We all want to feel comfortable in our houses and people want to live in their homes together with their families.

Mice can become a real problem in our homes
and getting rid of them has not been easy for Soo many people.

Many people have resorted to different insecticide which only work for sometime and after the pets will resurface on the scene.

Today o present to you a very simple, less expensive and natural method to eradicate mice and spiders in your house.



Put a tea bag in every corner of your house and you will never see any mouse again in your house.

This is by far the safest method of eliminating pets in our home

Below are the steps you will take.

Put a hot water in a teacup then add up to 40 bags in it.

Put a peppermint or any essential oil in the cup.

Note: pets like mice and spiders do not like the smell of peppermint oil.

Remove the tea bags and put one at every corner of the room or anywhere you are having issue with the pets.

Put the infused tea bag in a spray container and spray all the places you’re having spiders in your room.

This method also offers your room good smell of peppermint.

But what if you don’t like the smell of peppermint?

You can put lemon oil instead of peppermint oil. Alternatively just cut a lemon into two and put inside the cup with the tea bag. Make sure you repeat this method every 4 weeks to get rid of pet completely in your home.

Source; opera news

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