US U-2 spy plane disrupts China’s military exercise



Beijing has level hot accusations against United States of sending a U-2 spy plane into a no-fly zone to “trespass” on live-fire exercises conducted by China below.

According to the statement of Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry, the high-altitude US reconnaissance craft went into airspace Beijing deemed off limits during drills by the People’s Liberation Army’s Northern Theater Command on Tuesday.

“The trespass severely affected China’s normal exercises and training activities, and violated the rules of behavior for air and maritime safety between China and the United States, as well as relevant international practices,” Wu indicated in his statement.

“The US action could easily have resulted in misjudgments and even accidents.”

A statement from US Pacific Air Forces confirmed a U-2 flight. It however  said it did not violate any rules.


“A U-2 sortie was conducted in the Indo-Pacific area of operations and within the accepted international rules and regulations governing aircraft flights. Pacific Air Forces personnel will continue to fly and operate anywhere international law allows, at the time and tempo of our choosing,” the statement explained.

Source; CNN

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