US calls on UN to restore sanctions against Iran



US President Donald Trump’s administration has officially sent notice to the United Nations that it wants all UN sanctions on Iran reinstated, claiming significant Iranian violations of the 2015 nuclear deal, in a move that drew swift rejections from countries that remain part of the agreement.

Mike Pompeo (secretary of State) gave the notification to the president of the UN Security Council on Thursday.

Mike Pompeo later told the media that the United States had every right to reimpose sanctions under UN resolution 2231 that laid out the rules of the deal between Iran and six world powers. The US withdrew from the accord in 2018.

“We think this is really straightforward we think this is very simple,” Pompeo said. “These UN Security Council resolutions will come back into place 31 days from now, and the United States will vigorously enforce them.”

He indicated that he expected the other UN Security Council members to “comply with their obligations”.


Source; aljazeera

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