UPP ‘Odike’ spits on EC…vows to disallow 2020 general elections in Ghana



Founder, leader and national Chairman for United Progressive Party (UPP) Mr. Akwasi Addai Odike has hatched a plan to disallow the holding of this year’s general elections.

Leakynews.net is picking signals that the leader for the opposition party is determined to bar the Electoral Commission; a display of his displeasure over why the commission failed to hold the elections on the referendum last year 17 December 2019.

Leakynews.net has intercepted a yet to be released official statement from the office of Mr Akwasi Addai Odike and per the content, the peeved leader is questioning authorities on why they have until today failed to explain to Ghanaians reasons that prompted the cancelation of the referendum.

Last year a constitutional referendum was scheduled to be held on 17th December 2019 alongside the district level elections.


The foregoing would have allowed for the District election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives and also allow political parties to be involved in local elections.

Though the nation was on course to hold the referendum, the move was however aborted.

According to the statement bearing the signature of Mr. Akwasi Addai ‘Odike’- the businessman-turned-politician, Odike is bamboozled over the sudden u-turn after parliament gave an approval and allocated a budget for the exercise.

“Approval was given, money was released for the exercise and ballot papers were printed on the referendum. Why did the EC make an abrupt abrogation of the decision without even explaining to Ghanaians the reasons for her actions?” he said..

Per deductions, Mr. ‘Odike’ suspects that decisions of the Electoral Commission of Ghana under the leadership of Madam Jean Mensah is pupetted by the ruling party and that the latter realized that the outcome of the referendum wouldn’t have favoured their political agenda.

“…The EC is no more autonomous. Currently they are inconsistent and are behaving just like a puppet on a string controlled by a grand puppeteer”, he fingered after he confirmed his decision in an interview with www.leakynews.net.

“I am challenging the EC to tell us the amount of money they spent on all processes before the cancellation and support it with a breakdown”

“The EC is inconsistent. Initially they told us the Ghana card won’t be used as a requirement for voting in this year’s general elections until 2024 but now they have changed that decision”.

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