UPP leader lashes Ghana President on covid-19…”he can’t handle the disease anymore”- Mr. Odike



Mr. Akwasi  Addai Odike has announced that Ghana has lost the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in view of the peaking death rate and the recorded number confirmed cases.

“The daily exponential rise in figures clearly suggests that things have slipped out of hands and that government cannot handle the disease anymore”, he said on Nhyira Fm on Saturday as scooped by www.leakynews.net.

The National Chairman, Founder and Leader for United Progressive Party (UPP) Mr. Odike heaped coals fire on Ghana President His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo when he sharply chastised his (President) approach as in clamping down the spread of the virus, saying that “ his so called scientific steps and strategies  are yielding no results. Our death tool keeps rising”.

The outspoken political figure suggested that “government should change his strategy in the fight against covid-19. If you are doing something and you don’t get results, it calls for a change approach. Failure to adopt a new strategy will spark catastrophe”, he told listeners.

The businessman cum politician heavily clenched his fist in fury against medics, saying that health officials in Ghana are playing politics with the situation.


Mr. Odike underlined that  they (doctors) have gone behind the ruling government “and are not giving the true figures of on the rate of infection.

By Enock Akonnor


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