UPP Acting National Chairman Honoured For Fighting COVID-19



Mr.Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah, acting National Chairman of United progressive Party has been honoured by world diplomatic federation and institute for environment for public health for his outstanding contribution towards the fight of coronavirus in the Ghana.

Per a statement made by Dr. Christian Kwetey Kweitsu, President of the group,with reference to the litany of achievements in the fight against COVID-19 , the name Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah stands out, irreplaceably.

He underlined that Nana Kwame Asamoah during the lockdown made sure that Frontline workers including journalists were fed which has never happened in the history of Ghana .

He stressed that, though UPP is a smaller political party but it’s contribution towards the development of the nation deserves award.


Scores of Ghanaians who have engaged the young politician have said his consistency of bettering the lives the Ghanaian people is surprisingly beyond their imagination.

Moreover, his benevolence, pledges, commitment, devotion, and dedication to charity and philanthropy is phenomenal.

“The lack of divine love has created a parasitical environment in which humans feed on other humans for power.
You draw an uncommon strength from giving, and that strength will always attract that which your heart deeply longs to accomplish. May the touch and affection you have for philanthropy continue to bring you satisfaction and reward your labour mightily.
Your love for humanity and philanthropic lifestyle is a resource of generosity in all its forms, giving gifts of “time, talent and treasure” to help make life better for others. Your fervent response to a national worthy cause as such, makes you one of the true patriots of our time.

In accordance with our aspirations, the World Diplomatic Federation “WODIF” in affiliation with Institute for Sustainable Environment and Public Health “ISEPH” Rectitude International Mission, and Research Institute for Infectious Disease Control “RIIDCO” proclaim this day of the WORLD DIPLOMATIC COVID-19 EMINENCE HONORS as an extraordinary section to confer on you, the; CORDIS CARITATIVA HONORS [Charitable Heart Honors] to uphold your business and personal integrity.This was compiled in a citation given him at the Movinpik hotel in Accra.

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