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We were 5 friends; *Kobby, Lucy, Kojo, Fada* and *Oppong* . Kobby completed *St. Augustines College* (Cape Coast), Lucy completed *Wesley Girls* (Cape Coast), Kojo completed *Accra Academy* (Accra), Fada completed *Swedru Sec. Sch* (Swesco, Swedru) and Oppong completed *Opoku Ware SHS* (Kumasi). We all entered university together. Kobby did BA Economics at *Legon* , Lucy studied BSc Biochemistry at *KNUST* , Kojo pursued BBA (Accounting) at UCC, Fada did BA English and Communication at UEW and Oppong (didn’t go to varsity) became Pastor of a church.

Five years later, Kobby is a journalist in one of the biggest FM stations in Ghana, Lucy is the COO of a multi-national bank in Ghana, Kojo is pursuing MBA (Finance) in Europe, Fada is the CEO of the biggest mentorship academy in Africa and Oppong has travelled over 23 countries preaching the word of God.

(This is a true life story, but names are slightly modified for confidential reasons).

Just last week, we 5 friends met to have fun together. It was there that I realised the best University programme everybody should pursue.

A church member of Oppong connected Kobby to the FM station, an ardent listener of Kobby connected Lucy to the bank, Oppong’s first travel abroad was on Kojo’s invitation, and Fada’s mentorship academy is vibrant because all these friends serve as resource persons/speakers to his seminars.


What have you observed from the real life story above?? Well, read on!

Friend, before you buy that varsity forms, put this fact in your mind: _*NO University or Course guarantees employment*._

From the story, all 5 friends are duely employed because we ‘connected’ ourselves. My Friend, the best university course to study is _*Human Networking*._ Don’t only focus on your certificate, do attachments/internships, join some NGO, offer free services, attend seminars, take regular walks at the beach, go sight-seeing, form a youth group, join a fun-club, join your old school group, etc. Make a conscious effort to increase your contact list or number of friends.

*Multi-million dollar opportunities don’t come knocking on your door, you go to them. Most multi-million dollar opportunities don’t happen in the office, they happen on the street. Send xmas messages, birthday messages, goodmorning messages, etc to everyone on your contact list. Life is about your networks, your circle of friends, your schoolmates, neighbours, contact list, ‘trotro’ mates, church group, youth groups/clubs, etc. I’ve seen Political Science graduates working in a bank before, History graduates working as PRs, Religious studies graduates working in Telecom companies before.*

*It’s not about the CERTIFICATE, it’s about yourL NETWORK.*
Thank you for reading!

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