“Unemployment Is Not Peculiar To Ghana Alone”- KMA Boss (Sam Pyne)

Mayor for Kumasi Metropolis Mr. Sam Pyne has replied critics who are bent on castigating the NPP led government over the skyrocketing unemployment situation in Ghana.

Delivering a speech at the YEA’s first Job Career and Entrepreneurship Fair in Kumasi, he answered detractors by saying that “unemployment situation is not peculiar to only Ghana. It is a worldwide situation and that’s why cooperate entities open job opportunities to help people”.

He expatiated on the foregoing by citing how foreign nationals from countries like Cambodia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, South Africa etc apply for jobs in Ghana.

Considering how the NPP led government is putting measures in place to address the unemployment situation; partnering the private sector in the case of 1D1F, he lamented bitterly over how people sometimes try to rubbish the laudable efforts of government aimed at making sure that jobs are created.

“Jobless Ghanaians are not happy when they hear Ghanaians rubbishing the efforts of government in creating jobs for the youth”.

Source; www.leakynews.net

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