TV 3’s Date Rush Should Be Suspended Until Further Notice

Date Rush is a very famous television program, shown on TV3 on Sundays.

The aim behind the TV program in question is to enable participants choose their desired partners of the opposite sex for dates.

It appears to be one of the best entertainment programs that has hit the screens of many Ghanaians, Africa and even across the world.

Those participating in the program are not the only people that enjoy it but the viewers as well.

As a matter of truth, the electrifying performances by the contestants and the suspense it accompanies always got viewers so much glued to their screens.

But I would have wished that the program could continue but as we all know, we are not in normal times at the moment.

The COVI-19 pandemic has changed many things including our ways of lives.

As a people, we cannot keep risking our lives in the name of finding dates.

Looking at what the program entails, it is a total breach of most of the covid 19 protocols.

Shockingly, participants are always seen dancing when entering and rubbing their bodies against each other.

They also seen huging each other after the program especially those that have found their date partners.

The problem is that, these people came from different places and converge at the program.

Infact you would not know whether one or some of them have come into contact with any covid 19 infected patient or they themselves are positive for the virus.

Premised on that, the virus can therefore be spread easily through the program.

Because of the foregoing, I am appealing to the organizers of this program to suspend it until further notice.

Thank you very much for reading.

Source; Opera News

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