Tuo-zaafi fans, this message is for you amidst covid-19 pandemic



As at 20th July, 2020, there hasn’t been any remedy or vaccine for the novel corona virus.

The disease as deadly as it is continue to sour with the lives of over 500,000 people being claimed.

Though several safety protocols have been established, the number of victims keep on increasing at a faster pace. It is therefore necessary for you as an individual to build and improve your immune system to be able to withstand the virus.

The number one personal vaccine for the Covid-19 is to eat healthy to boost your immune system in order to make it immune to the virus.

Tuo Zaafi, which is popularly referred to in Ghana as T.Z is one of the healthy foods to rely on to boost your immune system amidst the novel corona virus. T.Z comes with a lot of potent nutrients which improve the immune system and build it up to fight against diseases. It is mainly prepared with corn flour, cassava flour and a soup made of okro and jute leaves popularly known as ademe or ayoyo in the Ghanaian parlance.


Below are the individual benefits of T.Z amidst the Covid-19 pandemic;

• Corn Flour
Corn flour as the name implies is a flour made of cornmeal. It is one of the most popular cereal flour with powerful healthy nutrients. Corn flour is very rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. It also consists of bioactive plant compounds which improves the immune system.

Antioxidants such as ferulic acid, zeaxanthin and anthocyanins build up the immune system and get rid of free radicals that affect the immune system to cause diseases. Research has proven that, corn happens to be the cereal which is rich in antioxidants compared to other cereals. Other antioxidants present in corn flour is the lutein and phytic acids. These also help improve the immune system and aid in fighting against diseases.

Corn flour is also gluten free which helps get rid of inflammations.

• Cassava Flour
As compared to corn flour, cassava flour is used in smaller quantities for the preparation of Tuo Zaafi. Not withstanding its lesser quantity, it still has a chance to add up to the provision of healthy nutrients to boost the immune system.

Cassava flour is a rich source of vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin. All these vitamins boost the immune system by aiding in cellular respiration. Since the corona virus mainly attack the respiratory system, this proves to be very essential.

• Jute Leaves (Ayoyo or Ademe)
This is mostly used for the soup which complements the Tuo Zaafi. The jute leaves are prepared alongside with the okro.

The jute leaves are very rich in antioxidants. They contain vitamin C, E and K which all fight against free radicals that affect the body cells. Ayoyo leaves also fight against common colds, flu and coughs. The potent presence of vitamin C helps the immune system to fight against lung infections and pneumonia. This becomes vital since the corona virus targets the lungs of the immune system.

• Okro (Okra)
Okro is also very packed with antioxidants. It consists of vitamin A, B, C and K. It also contains flavonoids and polyphenol which protects the immune system against serious diseases. They also help in preventing inflammations and improving the immune system as a whole.

There are other ingredients used for preparing T.Z which are equally healthy and will help boost the immune system against the novel corona virus. Ingredients such as dawadawa, fish powder and palm oil all contribute to boosting the immune system against Covid-19.

Source; opera news

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