Truth Should Be Told!!! NPP Will Loose 2024. Here Are The Reasons

When l look at NPP from afar and the many candidates who are nursing their interest to be flag bearers of the party, l laugh, and until they get their acts right, they should forget 2024.

2024 is a make or break for both NPP and NDC. However, looking into the crystal balls, one can clearly see that the NPP has an edge over the NDC based on the numerous interventions they have put in place which many Ghanaians have benefitted.

It however seems, the NPP Party doesnt have a distinct strategy or plan to win power for themselves.

Somebody should tell them to look within themselves and establish a concise strategy to overcome the challenge ahead. You cannot do the same thing and expect different results. In 2008 the same scenario occurred. Over 16 people contested for the flag bearer ship, “Akronfoɔ Du Nson”. This attitude of everybody assuming he can be a leader cost them dearly. It seems they have not learnt from it. From where l sit, I can count not less than 10 persons who are eyeing the seat. NPP learn ooo learn, else you will spell your own doom.


One clear problem ahead of NPP is the challenge of choosing a flag bearer. The contest is between Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, Alan Kyeremateng and Hon. Boakye Agyarko.

All of these men have distinguished themselves in their various endeavours. However, the hard truth must be told. Firstly, Dr. Bawumia resonates very well with Ghanaians and its popular than the other two candidates.

On the other hand, Alan Kyeremateng is popular in his own right and draws his popularity from the previous contest. For Hon. Boakye Agyarko he draws inspiration from being a founding member and playing various roles such as Campaign manager of the Akuffo Addo campaign.


The hard truth is that :

1. Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia should be made the flag bearer with Hon. Alan Kyeremateng becoming the Vice.

The reason is simple. Dr. Bawumia resonates well with Ghanaians and has shown that he is capable of handling the affairs of the state with ease.

Secondly, one can not be a two time Vice President. Alan, becoming the Vice to Bawumia will be very strategic and win the hearts of many Ghanaians. The leadersip of the party should make every effort to make this happen.

2. Hon. Boakye Agyarko draws his inspiration from being a founding member of the party and a strategic planner. He is therefore the ideal person to be chosen as the National Chairman. A person who is bold, fearless, commanding and a strategist. Many are of the view that he should relinquish his vision of becoming the flag bearer but hold the party together by becoming the Chairman. Many see him as the person who can nurture the party to many victories. He commands that respect and he is the ideal person to be Chairman. Many see the NPP government as weak due to the weak nature of the national party now. The National Chairman is weak and the National secretary has not been able to contain the pressure. The party needs a visionary person and the lot falls on Boakye Agyarko. He should nurture Presidents but not he becoming one. He is the person who can confront the party in government when things are going bad.

This is the key to unravel the mystery of election 2024. Anything short of this will spell dooom for the party.

This is the words from the corridors of wisdom. Leaders of the party should do everything possible to achieve this and stop those parochial interest displayed by individuals within the party if they truly want to break the eight.

Breaking the eight is not just sloganeering but it is about being strategic.

” A word to the wise is enough.

*From: The corridors of the Wise One”*

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