True Story: How I Slept With My Driver To Save My Marriage

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My dear reader, the content of this piece is a true story of my life.

I am not a cheap or loose lady. I am only a woman who has a strong love for her husband very much and did not want to lose him.

Infact I did what I had to so as to save my marriage even though I sometimes feel very guilty.

Embarking on that sinful act was not easy but I slept with my driver so that I could give my husband a child. Interestingly, God gave me twins, a boy, and a girl.

This Is How I slept With My Driver To Save My Marriage

I got married to Philip for a period of 8 years but unfortunately we could not have a child.

The worst aspect of the whole show was that I never got pregnant even for a day.

The mother of my husband assumed an impatient posture to the extent that she started breathing down my neck as she gave me no breathing space at all.

Because of that, she deliberately moved in to live with us and practically made my life unbearable.

Infact I went through hell.

I cannot drink water and drop the cup just because she must insult me.

At a certain stage she even stopped eating my food all because, according to her, I should be feeding my children so that they would grow healthy and stronger and not her.

“Mercy, if you had children, it is expected of you to feed them all this food so that they would grow healthy and strong. I am getting old so I do not need all this nonsense you call food.

Take your food away and give me grandchildren,” she always said passionately.

Even when she had left the house, I could still hear those insults strongly ringing in my head so to avoid further embarrassment, I took a bold decision; I seduced my driver and slept with him.

Prior to that, my mother-in-law also stopped talking to me, however. As a matter of truth, the only time she talks to me is when she wants to insult me and remind me of how irrelevant I was.

My husband Philip and I love each other to the extent that he stood by me despite all his mother did or said to frustrate me to leave him.

Severally, we consultef different specialists and they all certified that we are medically alright.

I have consulted many men of God, attended vigils and even fasted for days, drank various concoctions of varied colors and combinations all in the name of getting pregnant so that my mother-in-law can stop humiliating but still I could not get pregnant.

At a certain stage, I quitted coming out of my bedroom because of the fact that it was obvious that my mother-in-law had sworn to embarrass me out of her son’s home.

On many occasions, I just stayed in my bedroom either to cry, pray or sleep off all because of the fact that I was scared of his mother.

The matter even got worse when she sent away the house help because she said, “You do not need any house help because there are no children to take care of. Take care of your house yourself and stop wasting my son’s money.”

It was only 3 of us in the home and I was always so frightened anytime I hear her voice from a distance.

Foster, the driver is a very young man in his late 20’s.

Foster is a young graduate of Mechanical Engineering but because of the fact that he could not get a job that paid well, he opted for the driving profession.

Premised on his situation, I promised to get him a good job if he sleeps with me just once but I never disclosed the reason to him.

He thought I just wanted to cheat on my husband with him.

I planned to effect my intention during my ovulation period so that I could get pregnant, although it was not easy sleeping with another man.

Infact i knew very well that I was betraying my husband but I saw it as an action that was necessary.

Now after a month, I realized that I was pregnant.

Do you know what I did, I fulfilled the promised I made to Foster by getting him a well paid job in a friend’s company.

When I broke out the news to my husband that I was pregnant, he was so much excited.

“Honey, the good God has finally answered our prayers. I am pregnant for you,” I disclosed.

When I the pregnancy was five months old, he quickly informed his mother and the woman immediately returned to the house again .

How she pampered me, only God knows.

I was determined not to do any scan but my mother-in-law insisted that I should.

I finally went for the scan and per the results, i was pregnant with twins, a boy, and a girl.

Mother-in-law including darling were very much happy and I felt much fulfilled.

When the twins were born, the girl became very ill for some time.

It took a very long time before she recovered.

Shockingkly, Philip and I insisted that a blood test be conducted on them to determine their blood group and genotype.

“Lord have mercy!!!!!!!”

The doctor told us point blank that even though their blood groups are both A, their genotypes are AS for the girl and that of the boy is AA.

But do you know that my husband and I are both AA? Hmmmm

That moment, I wished the ground will open and swallow me up because I felt Philip would ask questions but to my surprise, he did do that.

He just said, “My darling, let us go home. We have had quite a long day, you and my babies need to have some rest.”

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