Trouble Looms!!! Kwanwoma Chief And Residents Chase “Wontumi”…100 Youth Defect To NDC

The Ashanti regional Chairman for NPP Benard Antwi Bosiako a.k.a “wontumi” has come under tough pressure following the sorry state of an abandonee classroom block at Kwanwoma of the Atwima Kwanwoma District.

Residents have expressed that they are highly disappointed in him, premised on the reason that he (Wontumi) has abandoned a six-unit classroom block project which was started by him in the 2020.

The project commenced hurriedly before the 2020 general elections, but according to peeved occupants of the area, the contract was awarded to the regional Chairman but to their shock he left the project uncompleted right after NPP won the 2020 general elections.

Until now, Hon Antwi Boasiako a.k.a “wontumi” has not resumed work let alone to bring it to a completion.

The dejected block as disclosed by the residents has now become a habitation for snakes and scorpions.

Baamuhene Nana Osei Amoah who spoke on behalf of the Chief of the area Nana Amponsah Kwah IV said in an interview that he is highly disappointed in “wontumi”, expatiating that he never expected the Chairman and the NPP “to treat us this way.”

“Wontumi was a man after our heart because of his impressive contribution towards the growth of the party. We have no hope in him anymore because of this treatment.”

Nana Osei Amoah continued in his lamentation by indicating that NPP since assumption has done nothing for the community.

“We vote massively for the party during every general elections but we have not benefited from this same party. Not even a single project.”

“Because of this attitude of the NPP I can recall not less than 100 youth of Kwanwoma who have deffected to the NDC.”

“How do you expect to break the 8 with this kind of political posture”.

Other residents vehemently fingered the assemblyman of the area Hon Bafour Awuah Justice.

They disclosed that all calls on him to address the status-quo of the school block have proved futile.

“We always draw his attention but has does not take any step to address it”.

They have therefore vowed to stage a protest against him if he fails to expedite action within a grace period of eight months.

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