Trouble Looms….Assemblyman Vows To Expose Ash Regional Minister

Story by Enock Akonnor

Former Assemblyman for Aful Nkwanta electoral area Lawrence Adu has said that he will expose the Ashanti Regional Minster on his inactions cum “rambo style” decisions which according to him are bit by bit caving-in the political fortunes of NPP in the region.

He vehemently stated in an interview with that Hon Simon Osei Mensah since he assumed office has not delivered to perfection and that people in the region “are annoyed with him” all owing to his inactions.

Lawrence Adu raised this sentiment as a reaction to the unfolding trend of events at the Bosome Freho District Assembly; the arrest of three assembly members namely Hon Mary Mensah (Anyaaso electoral area), Hon Degraft Maxwell (Mmorontuo electoral area) and Hon Joseph Nketia (Govt. appointee).

At a press briefing held on Thursday 21st July 2022 by a group called Former Ashanti Regional Assembly Members-NPP caucus, they alleged that the arrest of the trio was effected by the District Chief Executive officer for Bosome Freho in connivance with the Ashanti regional Minister Hon Simon Osei Mensah.

They raised further allegations that the Regional Minister was the one who dispatched macho men from Kumasi “to physically attack and assault the harmless Assembly members” and to subsequently spray liquefied pepper on them.

The group explained that the foregoing was what provoked the assembly members to face the macho head-on with chairs as the only weapon at their disposal by way of self-defense.

Peeved Lawerence Adu a.k.a “Chief” told the media on the sidelines that that has always been the style of the Regional Minster.

“He has been doing that in the region and I can cite several instances… He did a similar thing at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium this year when NPP was having its Regional Delegates Congress.”

“This is just the beginning. We will come out to expose him on his inactions which are affecting the party in Ashanti region. We will expose him big time and I Chief will do that”, he vowed.

The former Assemblyman said he will be much disappointed in President Akuffo Addo if he does not sack the Regional Minster upon his failure to effect the release of the arrested assembly members of Bosome Freho District.

Briefing the media, Spokesperson for the group Nana Kofi Senya disclosed that threats of arrest have also been made by the DCE against the Presiding member and additional six assembly members “which is in sharp contrast with the tenets, norms and provisions of the Local Government Act, 2016 (Act 936) section 216 (1) that; “there shall be freedom of speech, debate and proceeding in every District Assembly and the freedom shall not be impeached or questioned in any court or place”

In another discourse at section 217 sub-section (1) also states that “Civil of criminal proceeding shall not be instituted against a member of District Assembly or officer of the District Assembly in any court because of anything said by that person in the District Assembly or any matter or thing brought by that person in or before the District Assembly by petition, motion or otherwise among others”.


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