Traditional Leaders Praise NBU Staff, Call For Extension Of Project



Traditional leaders of Asabi; a community located within the Asokore Mampong Municipality have praised officials of NBU, insofar calling for the extension of the project.

After the holding of a town hall meeting which offered them and residents the platform to engage their elected assemblyman in an open forum, hear from him on matters related to development and query him on pressing issues, they described the event as the best since it sought to address challenges faced by residents.

Nana Antwi Adjei- Gyaasehene said in an interview that never in the history of the community has residents been given the opportunity to question their assembly man on his delivery in an open forum.


“It has never happened before”, he said in admiration.

He showered praises on officials of the No Business as Usual (NBU) project for replicating the event in their electoral area and appealed for the extension of the duration of the project.

Nana Adu Acheampong- Asabi (Nifahene) brought to light that Asabi community since independent has been neglected by the local government.

He set the record straight that no assemblyman has been able to relieve the area from the litany of challenges suffocating residents.

He commended staff of NBU Project for the laudable initiative (town hall meeting) and challenged them to carry on with the good work and their support for the development of Asabi.


Aside the above duo, residents who spoke in an interview with on the sidelines of the event identified challenges such as bad state of link roads, poor security, poor drainage system, inadequate street lights among others.


The No Business as Usual (NBU) project seeks to stimulate youth employment and inclusive socio-economic growth through joint stakeholder collaboration in the Asokore Mampong Municipality. The consortium partners are SOS Children’s Villages Netherlands (SOS-CV/NL), Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly (AMMA), and SOS Children’s Villages Ghana (SOS-CV/Ghana). The European Union (EU) is the lead donor of the project.


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