Top 5 Most Indisciplined Footballers In History

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Most of us have seen for ourselves some of the best players on the planet with great talents.

These category of players have shown the world over and over again how best they can be on the pitch.

Well in this article, I am going to shift my focus on the most indisciplined players who have gone out of their way to break rules while on the pitch.

Here we go;

1.Gerardo Bedoya-43 red cards:

The Colombian defensive midfielder, Bedoya tried to tackle his rivals so hard.

Nobody would break his record in the near future.

2.Cyril Rool-27 red cards:

During his 17 -year career, the central midfielder was heavily criticized because he used to take things too far on the pitch.

3.Sergio Ramos-25 red cards:

Ramos is the current PSG player and a former Real Madrid key centre back.

He is an aggressive player and sometimes he goes out of his way to make the worst tackles on his opponents.

Though Ramos has had a successful career so far.

4.Alex Ruano (22 red cards):

The Spaniard Central midfielder had an impressive record of red cards at Alaves.He had a bad temper.

5.Paolo Montero (21 red cards):

Montero was a very successful footballer during his career in football but also strongly criticized at the same time for his hard tackles and the way he desired to win games.

These are only a few of the best known footballers who always made trouble while on the pitch.

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Source; Opera News

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