Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World. Journalism Not On The List

A high number of people go to work daily and put their lives at great risk, whether they’re driving a truck, working construction, or flying a aeroplane.

But the big question is what jobs are the most dangerous?

In fact that can be determined by looking at their fatality rate.

Provided below are
the top 10 most dangerous jobs according to studies conducted;

1. Logging Workers:

It may not come as much of a surprise that the profession with the highest death rate is logging workers, with 97.6 fatal work injuries per 100,000 workers, making logging occupations the deadliest jobs of 2020.

Majority of the injuries stem from contact with a machine like a heavy-duty power tool or being struck by a log or falling tree.

Experts in industry continue searching for ways to keep logging workers safer in the likes of instituting safety measures and recommending or requiring safety equipment such as hardhats.

2. Fishers And Related Fishing Workers:

Many people who do not work in the commercial fishing industry might imagine long relaxing days on the beautiful water, occasionally clearing out a full net.

However, this vital industry is far from relaxing these days.

As the 2nd most dangerous occupations of 2020, commercial fishers have a work fatality rate of 77.4 deaths per 100,000 workers.

Interestingly, the cause of the deaths can usually be attributed to drowning, weather conditions, collisions and shipwrecks, falls on slippery decks, large and unexpected waves crashing on decks, or malfunctioning gear.

3. Aircraft Pilots And Flight Engineers:

While driving is often considered as more dangerous than flying, when it comes to death rates on the job, the pilots rank higher.

They can get their passengers to their destination safely, for the large part, but they struggle to keep themselves healthy.

Commercial pilots, crew members, and flight engineers often fight the frequent or often ongoing effects of irregular travel, sleep schedules, and continuous jetlag. On average, the occupation has a 58.9 fatal injury rate, mostly caused by plane crashes. Cropduster and helicopter pilots face their own respective risks that put their lives in danger during each shift.

4. Roofers:
Hahahahaha!!!! This sounds quite absurd right?

It is not much of a surprise that roofing is high on the list of dangerous jobs since these professionals climb ladders and walk around on steep roofs all day.

They need to always stay alert, watch their balance, and watch out for fellow workers since falls from roofs cause more than one-third of the industry deaths.

The fatality rate for this profession is 51.5, with more than 100 fatalities each year.

As suspected, most of these are caused by falls.

Injuries and illnesses are also very common in roofing because the materials they use and the weather they face.

5. Refuse and Recyclable material Collectors:

A lot of people may not consider refuse and recyclable collection a dangerous job, but workers put their lives on the line each time they clear residents’ containers.

Its fatality rate comes in at 44.3, and most of these are caused by either the worker or the truck getting struck by another vehicle when trying to pass without slowing down.

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