Top 5 Famous Football Players Who Never Went To School



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Since the inception of sports, football has been one of the most interesting.

It is loved my many people around the globe.

The game football is a profession that accommodates all kinds of people, wether educated or uneducated.

Football has many educated players in the likes of Juan Mata, Frank Lampard, Andrien Iniesta etc but there are other successful and famous players who were not fortunate enough to go to school due to their poor background.


Here is the list of such footballers.

1. Lionel Messi:

The Argentine star joined football at the age of six years.

He used to play for Newell’s, after which joined the Barcelona youth academy in 2002.
Lionel Messi got enrolled unto the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

He was an important man in the Barcelona youth team so much that he never had time for school.

2. Neymar

Neymar grew up as a futsal and street footballer. His love for football improved his skills.

The Brazilian star later joined Portuguese Santista which denied him the chance for school.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is also another player who didn’t get the opportunity to go school.

His father used to be a kit man in Anorinha, a youth team in Portugal, after which he later joined Sporting CP at the age of 12.

4. Pele

The Brazilian legend will be remembered in the football world for many things.

Pele was a football star who never needed education to make the game beautiful. He never went to school despite being a football ambassador.

5. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho never saw the need to go to school. He chose football over school which actually paid him well.

He became the smallest man in his youth football club as he joined football at youngest age.

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