Top 4 Techniques To Last For 45 mins During Sex…I Dare You To Try Number 3 Tonight



Sexual techniques

In fact many sexual techniques can help a person delay ejaculation.

When a person consistently practices them, these techniques can work effectively and progressively increase the duration of sex.

1. Squeeze method:

Using this method, a person (or their partner) stimulates the penis until they are very close to ejaculating.


Then, they tightly squeeze the penis without stimulating, causing the erection to weaken slightly. It is safe to repeat this technique many times.

2. Stop-start method:

Similar to the squeeze method, this exercise involves a person (or their partner) stimulating the penis until they are near ejaculation.

Then, the person stops stimulation until the urge decreases.

They should repeat this 3 times and then ejaculate on the fourth time.

3. Deep breathing:

Some people find that deep breathing helps them refocus their mind and better control their erection.

They can try slowing down stimulation and breathing slowly and deeply as ejaculation nears.

4. Visualization:

Visualization exercises can help reduce some of the intensity of the experience, potentially delaying ejaculation. A person may find it helpful to visualize something unrelated to sex or focus on picturing the penis remaining hard.

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