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By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Carrie Lam, MD; Jeremy Lam, MD

Improving your overall health with papaya seed benefitsDo you usually buy a papaya and scoop out the little black seeds within? Many people don’t realize the many papaya seed benefits and end up throwing the seeds in the bin. Don’t throw them out next time, as the seeds have many powerful and amazing health benefits. Instead, eat them whole, blend them into a smoothie, or grind them down into a paste. This amazing fruit has, for centuries, been used in many different cultures as a natural medicine, from easing menstrual pain to fighting a fever. Papaya seeds are a great all-round health booster. There are many benefits and uses for papaya seeds. We will take a look at the top 10 papaya seed benefits and how papaya seeds can help the body maintain stress levels, reduces your chances of developing adrenal fatigue and fights illness. The top 10 papaya seed benefits follow:

1. Reduces inflammation
Papaya seeds have anti-inflammatory properties. When the body is under physical or mental stress, parts of the body can become inflamed. For example, if you overextend your elbow, your elbow joint can become inflamed or if you have not drunk enough water your kidneys can become inflamed. There are many different types of inflammation, including arthritis, swelling, pain, redness, and joint stiffness. Papaya seeds can reduce inflammation in the body.

2. Illness prevention
Papaya seeds have been used in medicine for centuries. Countries with a high number of Dengue fever cases still use papaya seeds to calm the fever. It has also been shown to kill harmful bacteria that bring about illnesses such as E.coli, salmonella, and staph while helping to alleviate viral infections like typhoid, yellow fever, and Dengue fever. These seeds also reduce heart disease by helping the body to maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

At, we take preventive medicine very seriously. Our goal is to not only help you recover, but to also help you take your health into your own hands and prevent illness later down the line.


3. Encourages detoxification
Papaya seeds are a powerful detoxifier. These little seeds are packed with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. They help the body to excrete toxins and better digest food and assist the body to become more alkaline. The latter is important in neutralizing the acid in the body, helping the body to perform at 100%. So next time you are on a detox, try adding papaya seeds to your smoothie or breakfast cereal.

4. Reduces the risk of cancer
Papaya seeds can reduce the risk of cancer development. The milky sap in the seeds contains acetogenin, which many studies have shown reduces the deformity of cells. The leaves and the seeds have amazing properties and many countries create smoothies that fight cancer with these ingredients. The leaves and seeds are said to prevent and reduce the spread of cancer and help maintain normal cell health.

5. Great for your skin
Many skin products contain papaya and for good reason. Papaya seeds help to regenerate cells and the skin, like any part of the body, consists of cells. By eating or creating a papaya Seed paste, you will notice your skin looking softer, smoother, and less wrinkly. The seeds and leaves are also very good for reducing acne as the seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that assist in reducing swelling and redness. Try taking the seeds and the leaves and blending them with some water to create a paste. Use this paste on your acne for 10 minutes and then wash it off. You should see some of those pimples disappearing within a week.

6. Nutrient dense
A major papaya seed benefit is that they are a superfood as they are so nutrient rich. Research shows that we can receive 80% of our daily nutrients by just consuming papaya seeds. They are packed with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and many other properties that make them powerful and amazing. In additon to this, they will also help you to look more beautiful and younger as the seeds work to rejuvenate your cells.

7. Reduces menstrual pain
Ladies, listen up! If you are sick of taking painkillers around that time of the month, then try papaya seeds to reduce your pains. For thousands of years the world over, papaya seeds have been used to help women cope with menstrual pain. The best thing to do is blend the seeds and leaves together with a little honey and then consume cold.

8. Improves digestion
It might seem weird eating those round hard black balls, but they are great for your stomach and your digestive system. Papain, a digestive enzyme, is found in papaya seeds and helps to break down fibers as well as heal the digestive tract. Proteolytic enzymes and an anthelmintic alkaloid called carpaine are also found in papaya seeds. Studies show that these enzymes help to prevent bacteria and parasites from multiplying. These amazing seeds also improve the intestinal tract.

9. Papaya seeds neutralize free radicals
Papaya seed benefits help to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are reactive molecules created during metabolism. They are healthy for the body as they remove bad bacteria, but too many of them can lead to oxidative stress. The antioxidants found in papaya seeds are able to neutralize free radicals so that they do not cause stress for the body. Too many free radicals lead to the development of diseases as well as cancer.

10. Papaya seeds reduce stress
Papaya seeds are packed full of vitamins and minerals that can reduce stress. Vitamin C, especially, has stress-reducing properties. It helps the body to maintain a healthy flow of stress hormones. When we lack certain minerals and vitamins the body struggles to perform its daily functions, including digestion, cleansing, blood flow, and many others. This leads to internal stress. However, by eating papaya seeds and following a balanced diet, you can reduce your stress levels and maintain normal functions.

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