Top 10 Africa Countries With Quality Roads. See Position Of Ghana

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Are you among the class of people who are of the opinion that Ghana falls among countries in Africa which has quality road network?

This report will shock you if you belong to the above category of people.

Per Economic Competitive Report, Ghana is not classed among the top 10 Africa countries with quality roads.

Check out the ranking below;

Namibia (score 5.2) world ranking 23

South Africa (score 5.0) world ranking 29

Rwanda (score 5.0) world ranking 31

Cote d’voire (score 4.7) world ranking 42

Mauritius (score 4.7) world ranking 44

Morocco (score 4.4) world ranking 55

Kenya (score 4.2) world ranking 61

Botswana (score 4.1) world ranking 6

Cape Verde (score 4.1) world ranking 66

Senegal (score 4.0) world ranking 71

Infact other notable countries that did not make it on the list are Gambia, Zambia, Ghana, Tunisia and Uganda.

I hope you have been convinced. Thank you for your time

Credit: World Economic Forum competitive report on Road quality index 2016 – 2017

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