“Times Are Hard In Ghana Is A Street Talk…They Have No Evidence”- Musah Superior Fires

The Deputy CEO for Ghana Forestry Commission Hon Musah Superior has negated impression hatched by some citizenry that times are hard in Ghana.

According to him, those walking by the above perception have no evidence to prove their claim that Ghana is witnessing difficult moments.

Talking on a political show on Accra based Kingdom Fm on Monday, he described as hilarious when critics make such statement whereas other countries are giving Ghana thumbs up for the level of progress witnessed under NPP and for that matter the leadership of Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo.

“It is not correct for people who have no data to make statements that are outrageous…’Times are hard’ is a street talk because there is no evidence”.

For Hon Musah Superior the “Times are hard” mantra is a coinage of the NDC.

“It is an NDC led propaganda. They are leading this conversation”, he roared.

Per the reaction of the General Secretary hopeful for the elephant party, NPP has palpably done so well since it took over governance.

The excellent governance of the party is characterized by the litany of life touching policies, explaining that the party is doing so well to develop a better and a proper Ghana.

Expressing on the political program as scooped by www.leakynews.net, those who are making a laughing stock out of the delivery of NPP “are not serious people”.

Outspoken Musah Superior described the free SHS policy as one of the most important policy initiatives ever instituted by a Ghanaian government.

“How can you say that somebody who has a vision to industrialize this country is wrong..”.

Story by Enock Akonnor- Editor-In-Chief


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