Throw away corn cobs? No!! They are money



I have been pondering on how much money we have been losing by throwing away something that can be a reilable source of cash.

A number of people mostly consider them as a waste without knowledge about how it can fetch them much income.

Today, we will be looking at some of the relevant uses of corn cob and how it can generate us money.

Throwing them away just feels wasteful. Were there other uses for them that we were overlooking?

Sure there were. Probably, you have heard or used corn many times but what you didn’t know was that it could be a source of income that can feed you and your family.


We shall not linger too much here, take the voyage with me as I walk you through some possible ways you can make from storing corn cobs.

Most people in our part of the world have no idea that corn cob can be a major source of income. Are you surprised, I am talking about the market value of corn cob. In other parts of the world, corn cob is money because it is sold on different online platforms while we eat ours here and throw them away thinking they are waste.

Many individuals have their ways of defining what a corn cob is? Generally, corn cob is the hardest part of the corn on which the corn seeds are laid. The innermost part of the cob is white and has a consistency similar to foam plastic.

Those who eat corn always say that “the corn is for eating and the cob is for fire.” But what they are ignorant about is that, people are busily making money from the cobs while we are also dumping ours in waste bins.

The price of corn cobs on different online platforms including is around $150 and above. It costs a fortune on these platforms. Selling these can be a stable source of income because they are highly demanded on these platforms and many other places.

There are many things we can do with corn cobs but I shall limit its uses on the monetary aspect and that of our homes.


Corn cob can be stored in larger quantities for production of charcoal instead of throwing them away. More than 2 billion people use wood or charcoal as the primary fuel for their cooking and heating needs. You can store your corn cobs in larger quantities and sell them to charcoal producers for money.


Dry and grounded corn cobs are suitable for all domestic animals and it is far cheaper than other meals currently used. They are sweet and can be used to feed cows, goats, pigs, etc. You can make huge income out of it by gathering it in a large quantity and drying them. They can be sold in their head form or take them to the grinding machine.


During rainy seasons animal bedding is a good market because the animal house is always messy and the owners and rearers are always looking for ways to keep it dry.

Dry and grounded corn cobs are used in animal bedding in a typical traditional animal farm. They are sold as animal bedding because they are so absorbent. Poultry and animal farm owners are always looking for sawdust to make their animal bedding. This corn cob is the best and it is highly demanded at market. You can store yours in larger quantities and sell them to poultry farm owners for money.


Corn cobs are used for industrial products. It is used for industrial production of furfural. Furfural is a colorless liquid, although commercial samples are often brown. It is found in many foods like coffee and whole grain bread. There is a good market for value added chemicals that can be obtained from furfural.

“They are also used for production of fertilisers, fuels and other useful chemicals by a range catalytic reduction,” according to wikipedia.


They are also useful in the kitchen. It can be used for cooking. Many people boil, sieve it and keep it in the refrigerator for future use. It can be used to smoke fish or meat. Meat or fish smoked with corn cobs fire always have sweet and mellow smoky flavour.

If you are wondering why an ordinary corn cobs are sold as high as $200 on online platforms, these are some of the reason. It is used by modern industries for many purposes. So, find a way to store yours and seek for market where you can sell it and make money.

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