“Those Calling For Legalisation Of Weed In Ghana Are Very Funny”- Physician Assistant

A renowned Physician Assistant Dr. Hilton Terry Kessie has described as hilarious the call for the legalization of the usage of marijuana in Ghana.

He said in plain words at a meeting with students of Antoa Senior High School in Kumasi on Friday 16th July 2021 that persons advocating for the above are very funny and are ignorant of the economic burden its (marijuana) reciprocal effect will impose on the country.

Dr. Kessie explained that should government legitimize marijuana, Ghana won’t be able to manage persons who will be affected through its usage by way of rehabilitation.

He expatiated that the nation at the moment has only three rehabilitation centers; 2 in Accra and 1 in Cape Coast.

” So my point is if a user becomes a “junky” through the smoking of wee, rehabbing him or her will be a great challenge because the rehab centers are very limited”.

A number of countries in Africa have taken a lead role in legalizing the herb but Dr. Kissie underlined that as a bad precedent and a feeble premise for the decriminalization of the substance in Ghana.

He told that Ghana’s GDP is far too low compared to those countries to handle the consequences the weed will trigger within the health of users in the country.

“Because of the little joy they gain through the smoking of weed they want us to legalize it. They are very funny”, he said at the meeting.

The meeting was held under the auspices of the European Union funded Project; No Business as Usual (NBU).

The focus was to educate the students on the dangers of substance abuse.


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