“This Is Why I Joined NPP GS Race”-Musah Superior Speaks Up Boldly

By Enock Akonnor

Staunch politician Musah Superior has given reasons vis-à-vis why he has been resolute in his quest for NPP’s General Secretary position despite castigations peddled by his detractors.

Readers would recall how the feeble administrative delivery depicting the performance of some top executives of NPP almost triggered the defeat of the elephant family during 2020 general elections.

As a way of salvaging the situation, Musah Superior has coughed out explanation, saying that he opted to join the race so as to remedy the political maladies which have badly punctuated the party.

“My bid for the GS is a clarion call to fix the problems in the party holistically“ he told in an exclusive dialogue.

“A business as usual approach for our campaign leading to 2024 will be a faulty start”, he added.

Premised on his ten point plan and strategic line of action of the much talked about People’ Campaign, he underlined that his team will roll out measures to restore the party to the glorious days.

This he explained will be realised in the positive transformation that will be noticed in the lives of the grassroot, executives and members of the party.

“Our agenda has always been party first. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the NPP is important to the People’s Campaign.

We value your contributions. You deserve a meaningful life”.

He therefore called on members of the party “to join us in this crucial journey to find the lost spirit of our party”.


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