This is what Bob Marley told his son when he was on his death bed

Robert Nester Marley was affectionately Known by the world of Reggae as Bob Marley.

He was one of the greatest and the pioneers of reggae music and was born in 6th February 1945 and died in the 11th May 1984.

He was in a genre of music such as Conscious root reggae, Ska, rock steady. He had distinctive song writing and a vocal and also loved by almost all people in the world.

Bob Marley was one of the peace makers and a pace setters of some of the Reggae musicians in the World.

He died about 34years ago but his songs still make waves and seem very genuine and people jam to it when it is been played.

His musics like Redemption, One love, Rat race and many more are the favorite songs of the people in the world.

He is been celebrated as a rock star. He made a very interesting quote and prophesies.

But on his death bed he delivered a message to his son Ziggy Marley and which is Very true.

He turned to his son and said “Ziggy, Money Can’t Buy life”

This is very true and tragic saying because when it comes to money for healing him he could take care of himself and take care of all people around the hospital.

The Legend thought us many lessons, upon whatever you want to be do not risk your life saving money.

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