Drinking Too Much Water Is Dangerous, Here Are The Reasons

Majority of people are fun of drinking too much water, ignorant of the fact that such a move can at times be extremely fatal when the body undergoes water intoxication as a result.

This rarely happens.

Water intoxication can lead to the swelling of the brain which can lead to death instantly or lead to coma.

Mostly, taking too much water happens rarely but generally its symptoms include vomiting, confusion and general nausea.

These are signs that you should stop drinking too much water.

You are recommended and advised to drink 8 glasses of water only and not more than that every day.

Water intoxication mostly leads to the neutralization of sodium in the body which normally keeps a body balance.

If that happens the electrolytes may swell outside the skull and result in a life threatening circumstance.

Therefore mostly you are requested to drink water to levels that are recommended by doctors as historically most people especially athletes have died of water intoxication.
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Source; Opera News

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