This is the last day you will come out boldly again – Volta Regional Minister warns Togoland protesters



The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa has warned the Western Togoland secessionist group never to try and destabilize the country in the brazen manner they on Friday September 25.

Dr. Letsa revealed that security agencies are monitoring the actions of people who will want to ignite such a protest again.

The Volta Regional Minister also stated that government authorities in the area are on top of the issues and will ruthlessly deal with any group which will call for independence from Ghana.

“We are monitoring their activities and we know what they are up to. We have intelligence on the ground and I can assure you that it is only today that they have come out boldly…” Dr. Letsa told the media.

He added, “We are on top of the issue. We met today and we have strategized as to what we are going to do. We shall make sure that peace prevails in the region, before, during and after the elections.”


According to him, the Homeland Study Foundation’s disturbance did not come as surprise to security agencies in the area as they were aware of their intentions.

“We knew [they had a plan for last night]… They mentioned in their plan that there would be roadblocks but it wasn’t specified where the roadblocks would be but if you see their list of targets, and you want to prioritize as to which one to protect, obviously we took the right decision to protect very sensitive state installations,” he said.

The separatist group on Friday, September 25, 2020, took over the roads linking the region to other regions at dawn, blocking major entries into the Volta Region.

The group managed to detain some officials of the Ghana Police Service and seized their weapons.

However, a security team armed to the teeth was dispatched to the region to restore calm and apprehend activists in the protest.

The security team made up of officials from the Ghana Police Service and Military succeeded in arresting 31 persons suspected to be part of the Western Togoland secessionist group. These persons have been airlifted to Accra for questioning and prosecution.

source; ghanaweb

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