This is not right, you can’t threaten me with that – Captain Smart

Popular Ghanaian radio broadcaster who is widely referred to as “Captain Smart” has finally opened up on prophecies that was released over his head by a famous Ghanaian prophet called Prophet Salifu Amoako.

During a live radio broadcast on Angel FM’s popular morning show, the famous and voiceferous radio presenter revealed that it is time for the government of Ghana to implement a law that will regulate how religious entities operates.

He continued to indicate that it is not right for Prophets to openly speak of secrets of individuals since it brings fear and panic on them and their families.

He continued by saying that for Prophet Salifu Amoako to openly say that he will be shot for 30 times by some 4 Muslims was not right since the message was meant for him personally and not publicly even if it is a true message from God.

“Giving out death prophecies over my head won’t make me stop speaking the truth since i stand for the truth only.”

Captain Smart added that Prophet Salifu Amoako cannot threaten him with his prophecies since he knows God personally.

Source; Opera News

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