This is how to use snails and peak milk to treat stroke instantly



Stroke is one disease which is killing soo many people in Ghana and the world at large.

There are a lot of affected people who are stuck in their bedrooms because of stroke.

Stroke has serious health implications and attempts to treat it has proven futile by many herbalists and doctors.

In this article, kindly follow whatever you read and learn to help any stroke patient you know in your neighborhood.

It’s good to be informed and knowledge is also power. Who knows? Maybe you can save a life with this method I’m going to to give you.


This method of treating stroke works 100% if you follow the steps and instructions accordingly.

Make sure to share this after reading this to help other people.

Steps in using snails and peak milk to treat stroke:

1. Look for snails and wash them clean. Put them into clean water and make sure they are drawn.

2. Pick out each snail and break them at the pointed side.

3. Collect the water that comes out from the snail at the part you broke into a clean container. If you want more water, then collect more snails.

4. After collecting the water from the snails into a clean container, open one tin peak milk and pour out all the milk into the water collected from the snails.

5. Mix the snail water and the peak milk together in the container. Shake it well and follow the following prescriptions accordingly:


Give the patient

• Three teaspoon in the morning.

• Three teaspoon in the afternoon.

• Three teaspoon in the night.

Do this for one week and you will see good results and start sharing testimony.

Source; opera news

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