This Herb Grains Of Selim “Hwentia” Is Highly Potent…Check Out These Facts

Do you know what grains of selim are?

If no then this article is for you.

Grains of Selim, also known as Hwentia or Hwentea, actually come from a shrubby tree common all over Sub-Saharan Africa.

They are the fruit pods from Xylopia aethiopica.

Dried out, these fruit pods are used both as a spice in food and as herbal medicine. In West Africa, the seeds are often smoked and then sold whole or ground.

Here is how to use it

As for cuisine, grains of selim are a useful spice.

They can serve as a substitute for black pepper but also carry notes of black pepper and lemongrass.

Favorites include using the whole smoked pods as a spice rub for seafood or other meats.

It can be added to teas to create chai-reminiscent blends.

In Senegal, Grains of Selim are even added to coffee to make their specialty, café Touba, which has been exported and become popular in France.

Grains of Selim also carry many medicinal properties.

First of all, the plant is naturally insecticidal.

For this reason, wood from the plant has long been used for building since termites and other pests do not like it.

The ground seeds have been used to reduce effects of asthma, inflammation, and even cancers.

They also have hypotensive and coronary vasodilatory effects. Grains of Selim are truly a super spice.

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