“They Wanted To Kill Nana Addo, I Poured Urine On The Park To Save Him”- Captain Smart

Broadcast journalist Captain Smart commenced his morning show today in an angry posture.

The outspoken media personality descended heavily on some members of the NPP who by way of their idiosyncrasies have been attacking him on several media platforms.

He made explanations that he does not understand his detractors because it was recently that they became so close to Nana Addo.

He consciously disclosed that some people plotted to kill President Akuffo-Addo as the 2020 general elections were fast approaching.

He called to memory how he repeatedly stated on Angel FM for two months that “Nana Addo will not die.”

Captain Smart added that he sent urine to the Wa park to avert the death which was plotted against Nana Addo.

Captain Smart made a shocking disclosure that the rain that fell on the election day was not just a simple rain but a form of spiritual nullification of vicious plot against the President.

“They wanted to kill Nana Addo but I went to Wa to pour urine on the park to save him”, Captain Smart indicated.

Source; Opera News

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