They took money to work against him but I’ll release new videos – Captain Smart

Broadcast journalist cum host of Angel TV morning show Nana Captain Smart has spilled the bean on how some music producers took money and worked badly against upcoming artiste Kwasi Korang and succeeded in stopping him from shinning.

Voiceferous Captain Smart has however vowed to make Sure that all his music video hit the internet.

During an interview, he disclosed that though those producers have taken money to sabotage the young artist, he will do everything possible by managing and producing more music videos for him.

The young man visited him in the studio of Angel TV to present his Patients Lives matter song.

The music touched the heart of Captain Smart to pick and be his producer.

Korang the musicians is Based in the Bono Region of Ghana and will now have Captain Smart as one of his managers.

The two will be producing good music for the airwaves all over the country.

Source; Opera News

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