They have thought us a lesson- Kennedy Agyapong

Outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has vented his frustration against the manner at which the party leadership handled the 2020 general elections.

According to the MP, it was the government’s own doing that triggered the defeat of some Members of Parliament in the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He explained that persons aligned to the opposition party NDC were granted opportunities to create wealth at the expense of some deserving people in the ruling NPP party.

Mr. Agyapong intimated that this ‘injustice’ created disaffection among the party people thus impeded their spirit to sacrifice for the government.

He continued that the consequence is what has resulted in the loss of their MPs, and should be their greatest lesson going into the next elections.

In his outburst, Mr. Agyapong instructed that the Finance Minister puts an end to the recruitment going on at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). He suggested that it would be in the interest of the NPP to have most of its party people placed so they could also earn a better income to support the activities of the party.

“GRA should stop it. Finance Minister should stop it. Select…and I use the word select. They have taught us a lesson. Select the NPP people that went to the bush. Please select. You are not the only ones that practice democracy. make sure you maintain your core 45 percent, and then with the development, you will get the 7, and you will always win. These are some of the mistakes, I am pointing them out.”

Hon Kennedy Agyapong argued that the NDC whilst in power supported their own people to create wealth so they could sponsor the party in times of elections. He remarked that the NPP better stop playing by the rules of equity and democratic governance, and see to the interest of its members lest suffer much greater loss in the future.

“They built them. So build your party people. Build them and stop giving contracts to NDC people. Even when they are done, they will go out there and dash money to get people to vote for them as if we aren’t in power. Why? We can’t allow those mistakes.

“Stop that act, as if you are the only people who understand democratic governance such that you employ more of the NDC than the NPP people. People were embittered. They see before them, their colleague NDC supporters being given opportunities and yet they remain deprived. They have toiled for the party for nothing,” he elaborated.

Source; Opera news

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