They have planned to kill me – Bishop Obinim

The Founder and Leader of International Godsways Church has not been very controversial and outspoken since the member of Parliament for the Asian Central Constituency, Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong dragged him to light on The Seat Show.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong way back in April kick-started the agenda of exposing false Pastors and Prophets who are using dubious and deceitful means to dupe ignorant members in the name of God in disguise.

The Honorable member of parliament really made sure that some of the Pastors in Ghana have been put in a tight corner with his exposure.

This actually sparked after Bishop Daniel Obinim got into a heated feud with the Honorable. Obinim as we all know lost his cool after Kennedy Agyapong tagged him as delusional Pastor.

This made him to descend on the Honorable which didn’t end well for Obinim.

Kennedy Agyapong dragged Obinim to the gutters which eventually made him to end in the hands of the Police.

Since his bail, Obinim has not been into a beef with anybody as now he has been more private than always.

Meanwhile, recently news circulated online which indicated that All branches of the Godsway International Church has been closed down by Bishop Daniel Obinim.

This news went very viral which many never thought that it was a fake news.

Bishop Daniel Obinim has reacted to this news with all his dismal and the plans of his adversaries against him leading to this misleading news.

According Obinim, the news of him closing down his Church is a fake news and they spreader this news about him because what his enemies wanted to do to him, they. didn’t succeeded that’s why they have diverged to collapse his ministry.

He stated; “Since so many years now, they have planned to destroy my career, they have planned to destroy my Church, they have planned to kill me and they have planned to do so many eyesore things to me but Glory be to the almighty God and his son Jesus Christ all their evil plans has been cancelled”.

”Never pay attention to any of these negative news about me because they are still trying to captivate on what I went through recently to diminish my status. They actually want me dead”.

”They actually miss the old Obinim when I used to be very controversial and outspoken but glory be to God I am changed now so they can do whatever they prefer to me, I’m very poised” He added

Bishop Daniel Obinim revealed this while ministering to his congregation Live On TV.

Source; Opera news

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