They Captured Everything. He Gave Each Of Them GHs 28,700- Captain Smart

Outspoken Host of Angel TV morning show “Captain Smart” has displayed an exclusive video of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo giving a cheque of$5000 Dollars which equates 28,700 Ghana Cedis to the gallant footballers of the black satellite who won a trophy for Ghana.

Debate concerning the aforementioned quantum of money was initiated on the Angel TV channel.

While a section of the public were of the impression that the money was too much, others too felt it was okay and that there was nothing wrong with the amount.

Broadcast journalist Captain Smart prior to the display of the video gave explanations that he won’t believe it until he sees the video.

After gaining access to it, he shared it for public viewing to confirm that indeed the President gave the young men that plenty money.

Per the statement of Captain Smart, the video is exclusive because the shots captured was exceptional with deep interview with the President.

He added that it is a great glory brought by the young men to the President.

Source; Opera News

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