They Are Old Men, Nobody Should Take Them Serious Anymore- Kelvin Taylor

Broadcast journalist Kevin Ekow Baido Taylor has boldly stated that the National Peace Council consists of persons who Should not be taken seriously in Ghana.

The controversial journalist made this statement when he was reacting to the release by the National Peace Council commending the Ghana Armed Forces for ensuring peace during the 2020 Election.

Per what he said, it was the Armed Forces and the Police who are allegedly responsible for the killing of the 9 people during the election.

“For the National Peace Council to commend the Armed Forces despite these incidents shows that they are not a serious association.”,he said.

“Nobody should see these people as human beings. They are old men, and nobody should take them seriously so, let them say whatever they want to say.

This National Peace Council refused to put pressure on the government to make sure that those who killed the nine people are brought to book, but they can tell the Ghana Armed Forces that they have done well is unacceptable.” – he noted.

Kelvin Taylor added that the country would not be at peace because people like the National Peace Council are the ones causing problems in this country.

Source; Opera News

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