These 5 Foods Are Killing Your Performance In Bed, Don’t Joke With Number 1

Hello my dear reader, provided below are some of the foods that are gradually killing your performance in bed;

A. Taking in too much coffee: It can decrease your sex drive with the anxiety it brings.

Even though coffee can shoot up your stamina for the bedroom activity, it can also be very bad for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

B.Consuming Too Much Alcoholic beverage: Taking in too much or Alcoholic beverage can negatively affect your sex life by decreasing your testosterone and your sexual functioning.

C. Cheese: It is derived from cow’s milk and it is loaded with synthetic hormones which adversely affect the production of estrogen and testosterone.

D. The other food is Cornflakes. It is popularly referred to as “student companion”.

Do you know that the high carbohydrate content in some cornflakes can lower your action in bed? It is true.

E. Another dangerous food is Microwaved Popcorn. It is a serious contributory factor in lowering the libido of men.

Chemicals in the likes of perfluorooctanoic acid found in the bag’s lining has the ability to kill your sex drive and even cause prostate problems.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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