“”There Is Something About Ashanti Region…”- Eastwood Anaba Spills Bean

By Enock Akonnor

Pastor Eastwood Anaba has tipped the city of Kumasi and Ashanti region by extension as a location that stands unique among all the regions in Ghana.

The Founder of Fountain Gate Chapel International said at the prologue stage of a sermon he delivered on Wednesday at a program dubbed: “Prophetic and Apostolic Invasion” and held in Kumasi that there is something special about Ashanti region and should therefore be handled in high esteem.

Though Ashanti and Greater Accra regions are on record to be the two locations in Ghana where most Ghanaians enjoy living, he said “for some reason you don’t know why a lot of Prophets originate from this region (Ashanti region)”.

“Why is it that all the Prophets are coming from Ashanti region?

I think we should also go to the Bible and ask why all the Priests were from the tribe of Levi. God could have chosen them from Judah. God could have chosen them from Dan. God could have chosen them from Gad.

There is something about this region. God just decided that you know what I want this particular gift to come from this region”,he indicated.

He recalled how years ago all strong Evangelists came from the Volta region “for some reason”.

“They were those who were into deliverance and casting out of devils and burning of idols…”

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