their plans will be in vain, they will never win- Archbishop Duncan Williams

This year is an election year and all political parties are keenly working their best to come to power. The national Democratic Congress (NDC) party and the New Patriotic Party (Nare very serious campaigning.

But unfortunately, this year has been a very bad year amid elections.

Many strange things are occuring, since the start of the month, it was Corona and now its accidents which are killing Ghanaians.

This election year has been soo strange. There are so many revelations about the coming elections.

So many Prophets have revealed what will happen on the election day others too are saying what will happen the day after the elections.

People has also predict the winner of the elections, but we will get to know the real winner on December 7th.

The Founder and leader of action chapel international, Archbishop Duncan Williams has droped another revelations about the incoming Presidential elections.

According to the Prophet of God, the devil is planning violence on the election day. But all their plans will be in vain, they will can never win.

“He said “This year’s election is going to be free and fair, they are planning violence, but their plans will be in vain, they can never win. He stressed”

Let us pray for free and fair election this year, Ghana is a peaceful country forever

Source; Opera news

One Reply to “their plans will be in vain, they will never win- Archbishop Duncan Williams

  1. Is it the same old devil of old, since the days of Adam, Moses and the one Jesus Christ himself cast out that is planning to do the evil?
    And who says he can defeat that devil who was from the beginning of creation?
    Look people, if we all become law abiding, that name, devil, will disappear and we shall hear it no more.

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