The Richest Footballer In The World Is Not Messi or Ronaldo, See Who He Is

The truth must be told. He is the richest player in the whole wide world but you are not even aware of who that person is.

This will shock you. He is 27 times more richer than Cristiano Ronaldo, 33 times richer than Lionel Messi and even 50 times richer than Neymar.

Do you know that the richest football player in the world at the moment is only 22 years old, his name is Faiq Bolkiah?

He is an international citizen of Brunei and he was part of Leicester’s football team even though he never played in any professional match for them.

This youngster was part of Chelsea and Southampton’s youth teams.

During the year 2016, he signed his first professional contract with Leicester but he didn’t play in the Premier League with the Foxes.

Infact it is not because of football that he has become the richest player in the world but many thanks to his influential family. They deserve a great deal of appreciation.

This player called Faiq Bolkiah is the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei, a wealthy oil State.

For the first time I was shocked when I discovered that the football player’s fortune is colossal, some $20 billion which is about R200 billion.

Faiq Bolkiah is also the son of the extravagant Prince Jefri, the man who has spent more than anyone else in the world more than $15 billion (R150 billion).

According to records, Prince Jefri owns more than 2,300 luxury cars, 8 Boeing planes, 5 yachts, 500 homes and several palaces.

That is not enough dear reader. He even spent $17 million (R170 million) to put on a private Michael Jackson show, he did all this just to impress his only seven-year-old son.

At the moment, he plays for a team in Portugal called Maritimo which he joined last year.

It’s said that he used to earn 130 000 per week in Leicester and I am pretty sure that was pocket money to him.

Don’t think you are the best farmer in the world if you have not yet visited the farm of others.

Thank you very much for reading.

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