The Pride of Ashanti: 2 solid Reasons why Alan could be President come 2024

Alan Kojo Kyeremateng has remained a household name within the politics of Ghana.

Coming from the Ashanti Region of Ghana, he has remained the key contender of the sitting President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo in NPP’s internal primaries.

These are two solid reasons why he could become the next President of the Republic of Ghana come year 2024.

That is after he sails through primaries of the ruling party.

1. The Ashanti Factor : The Ashanti Region of Ghana will never hesitate to throw their support for Alan Kyeramateng if he stands for President. This could help him win because that particular Region is known for giving majority of their votes to the New Patriotic Party NPP.

Seeing their own contest could push them to go extra mile and vote Massively for him to beat any NDC Candidate.

2. Popularity : This Man is very popular in his party and country as a whole. With the kind of Politics in Ghana, Popularity counts. With that you can easily get votes to win.

Let’s wait and see what 2020 brings on the table.

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