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The New Patriotic Party after the 2020 General Elections is seriously bleeding in Government , all because, they went to the polls with 169 parliamentary seats and were thinking of increasing their number of seats to 180 .
But the story changed. The NPP lost 7 parliamentary seats in the Greater Accra Region, 7 seats in the Central Region, 3 seats in the Eastern Region, 3 seats in the Western Region, 1 seat in the Ashanti Region , 8 seats in the Ahafo, Bono and Bono East Regions,3 in the Northern Region,1 in the Upper East, 1 in the Upper West and 1 from Oti Regions.
After loosing 35 parliamentary seats to the NDC the NPP only managed to win 4 Traditional seats belonging to the NDC , namely Hohoe Central, Upper West Akyem, Damango and Amasaman.

How did we( NPP) got to this place?
It all started in January 2018 and ended in July 2018 with the Re-organization of the party when the ARTICLE 6 clause 2 of the NPP Constitution was breached in over 70 % of the 275 constituencies nationwide by some incumbent constituency executives who were seeking Re – elections.
The constitution said we should elect polling station executives but they decided to select people of their choices as Polling station executives and Electoral Area Cordinators.

In some cases they selected people who are not party followers and even are not electorates in the constituency.

We have some people on our register ( Constituency Album’s) especially Greater Accra Region who dont even know why they are called polling station executives, Electoral Area Cordinator’s and constituency executives ( Delegates).

We need a Total Clean-Up in our Party Leadership simply because most of the people there dont know why they are there and the National Council have to see to it that compliance with the party Constitution is taken seriously as it was in the days of The late J. B. DaRocha, Hon Dan Botwe, Nana Ohene Ntow , and The late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie .

The following are some of the factors that affected the NPP’s performance in the 2020 General Elections in the Greater Accra Region.

(1) Some In- effective Party Officers at Polling stations, Electoral Areas, Constituency’s and Region.

(2) Some greedy and selfish Executives as Cordinator’s, Constituency Executives and Regional Executives who takes monies from party members before helping them secure jobs in the Public Sector and some who took advantages( had sex) with the female members who went to them for Assistance .

(3) Some arrogant and Snubbish MMDCE’S and other government appointees who ignored the grassroot members of the NPP led to voter Apathy on the sides of the NPP.

(4)Some MP’s and Parliamentary Candidates that had issues with greedy and selfish Executives in their Constituencies led to the Skirt and Blouse voting.

(5) Some Irresponsible and Self Centered Assembly Members, who, belongs to the NPP were in bed, with our Rivals in some constituencies and busily campaigned for our opponets with the Notion that the MP or the NPP Parliamentary Candidate did not fund their campaigns in 2019 .
This same Assembly Members have formed a Collation of NPP Assembly Members in the Region and are going round lobbying for their cohorts to be appointed as MMDCE’S and Ministers, i think the President His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo or anyone close to him should not give attention to that reckless group ( GREATER ACCRA REGION ASSOCIATION OF ASSEMBLY MEMBERS).

(6)Some Senior Civil servants who occupy’s high positions in some MMDA’S and are card bearing members of some political parties, were inciting the grassroots and junior staffs under their jurisdictions to vote out the NPP.

(7)Poor Party Communication led our members falling prey to NDC and their Propoganda against the Government.

(8) In the Ablekuma West, Ablekuma Central, Adenta, Dome Kwabenya, Ayawaso West Wuogon, Klottey Korle, Madina, Tema West, Krowor , Dade Kotopong, Okaikoi North and Trobu Constituencies some party delegates ( Polling station, Electoral Area Cordinator’s and constituency executives ) campaigned and voted against our parliamentary Candidates.

(9) Some Constituency Executives refused to release the resources that were sent to them from the National Party and the Government for the use of the party in the constituency but kept them for their own selfish interest.

(10) Some Constituency Executives and Regional Executives decided to hold on to funds and other logistics that were sent to be given out for the 2020 General Elections which were to be given to voluntary Groups or Identifiable Groups and Volunteers for campaign from Hon. Irene Naa Torshie Addo, Hon Frema Osei and Mr Laud Commey because they want to use them for their personal campaigns in 2022.

(11) The Party refusal to listen to the mourning of the V16 Groups and it Volunteers and resorted to a V.20 groups who were interested in taking Selfies and going out for merry making all in the name of campaign caused us.
They did not choose base on people’s competence but rather those that they can control, ( be bossy ) them.

(12) The Neglect of Government of the about 1800 Special Agents that were sent to the volta Region during the 2016 from Greater Accra by the National Party and were issued with certificate of Recognition jointly signed by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and Hon John Peter Amewu after the General Elections and it was a big blow.
(13) Job opportunities were offered at some Agencies to friends and family members while party faithfuls who were more qualified were left out.

(14) At the office of the First lady are some selfish staffs who even took money from Party faithful’s who approaches them for job assistance.

(15)At the Presidency and some ministries the aides to the President and some ministers were hell when dealing with them.

(16) NBSSI Coronavirus Alleviation Package slots were allocated to party leadership, when some voluntary groups registered with the Party Headquarters were asked to submit list of 20members per group in July 2020 and no show up till now.

(17) On party Communication the National Directorate down to the Constituency did not resource the party communicators well for effective and efficient communication on the Party and Government achievements.

( 18) The General Secretary outfit relaxed on the job as compared to 2015 and 2016 training workshops that saw the Party forming Government in 2017.

Why should our own party treat it own members this way.

Base on these few factors, we in the Patriotic Youth Movement of the NPP is of the view that a total HOUSE CLEANING EXERCISE should start from now and it should start from the polling stations, Electoral Area Cordinator’s, Constituencies, Regions, Branches and National Level.

Kofi Ohene Darko
(Parrot communications director)

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