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In this article, I will be schooling you on the Genesis of 30 minutes extra time in footbball.

Now here goes the story;

Hamburg and Nuremburg were drawing 2-2 after 90 minutes in the German Championship final of 1922, when they settled to keep playing until a team scored, resulting in another 99 minutes of football.

When the two teams met for a replay seven weeks later, they did include extra time but the match still could not be finished because of the number of injuries plus the number of changes.


The notion of extra time was added to the rules with those 1897 amendments, at least for British clubs and competitions.

The idea of an extra 30 minutes to decide the result of a game was first proposed by the Football Association in the year 1897.

But where at all did the idea come from?

Why 30 minutes rather than, say, play another 45 or 50 minutes?

The answer is not an easy one to discover, with the game’s law-makers rarely feeling the need to explain themselves.

In the year 1923, the Laws Of the Game had this rule added to it:

“A game shall be won by the team scoring the greater number of goals. If no goals have been scored, or the scores are equal at the end of the game, the game shall be drawn.”

Infact the Laws Of The Game was written in 1897 but did not specify what would happen in games that needed a definitive result.

In some matches, a random method like tossing a coin or drawing lots was used. Please be informed that this was seen as unfair by the losing team, so extra time became the more standardized method.

It took until 1970 for it to be accepted worldwide as the norm after a match between Doncaster Rovers and Stockport County in Match 1946 lasted for 3 hours and 23 minutes.

A 30-minute extra time was agreed by the Football Association after a game between Manchester United and Sunderland ended 1-1 on Saturday.

The rule specifically states that extra-time can have a 1-minute break between both halves, but that it will only be long enough for players to get a drink and change ends.

It is never been explained why 30 minutes was decided upon as a suitable amount of extra time. Likely, it was just felt to be ‘right’ by the authorities.

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