The only person allowed to call Queen Elizabeth by her name is from Africa, see who that person is

Are you aware of the fact that there is only one person in the world who can call the queen by her name, and that he is from Africa?

The Late president of South africa hold this honor.

Well, the late South Africa president Nelson Mandela took over this precipitation all by himself.

Even when putting it in a written form, she is rarely called by her mere name by people except with her popular name “Queen Elizabeth” or the “Queen.” But late President Mandela is different from most leaders in Africa because he is very unique and well respected.

Late president Mandela’s daughter Zindzi disclosed in a popular publication, “Hello magazine” that her dad named the British queen Lizzie.

‘She was one of the highlights of her long tenure when her state visited South Africa in 1995 when he was still the president.

The Queen and South African late leader were closer to each other even more than majority of people ever think of.

His assistant wrote, ‘I was shocked at a friendly bond between Madiba and the Queen on a visit to Britain.’

Source; Opera News

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