The only country left in Africa with no covid-19 case hit by virus



All African countries have been affected with coronavirus, after Lesotho, the only country that didn’t have any case records its first case on Wednesday.

Lesotho was until Tuesday the only country to enjoy the tag of being the only Covid-19-free country on the continent.

The tiny southern African country has now joined the rest of other African countries to be affected with the novel coronavirus.

According to the health ministry in Lesotho, the positive case came from its residents who travelled back from South Africa and the Middle East.

Samples taken from these people were taken to South African, where one was confirmed positive of the Covid-19.


Lesotho’s health ministry revealed that more results are being waited as over 301 samples were taken and sent to South Africa for tests.

The country has now been put under alarm as many other samples could come back positive.

Coronavirus, which was discovered in Wuhan Town in China has spread to all parts of the world.

So far, the African continent has recorded close to 70,000 Covid-19 cases, with a death toll surpassing the 2,400 mark.

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